Element VI Consulting - Element VI Consulting

What We Do

We understand the risks of climate change and carbon policy.

What We Are and Are Not

We understand the issues (the politics, economics, science and law) and the actors (Congress, federal agencies, courts, states, and private- and public-interest advocates) that collectively produce U.S. climate policy. We also have expertise in the international dimensions of carbon policy, international trade issues and world energy markets, the elements that combine to shape global climate policy.

Element VI is not two people from “opposite” sides of the policy spectrum balancing each other out; we are leading climate policy experts who agree on carbon issues and provide rigorous and practical thinking about climate and carbon policy.

Element VI Offers These Services

  • Risk Reduction Via Better Information

    Most of the day-to-day media about U.S. and global carbon policy developments is either irrelevant or plain wrong; we separate out the signal from the noise and then tell clients what that signal really means. Every month we describe the most relevant developments in the world of carbon policy, with in-depth analysis, and occasional special bulletins. In the U.S., we track Congress, federal courts, federal agencies and the states. Internationally, we follow Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan and the EU.

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    We also offer clients the opportunity to consult with us about climate and carbon issues large and small. If you do not have questions about these issues, please share your path to enlightenment.

  • “Carbon Assessment”

    Climate related changes to surface temperatures and the water cycle are likely to have – and many would argue are already having – profound consequences. Equally, society’s efforts to address both the cause of warming (carbon policy) and its physical effects (adaptation policy) are daily multiplying the potential business impacts. A proprietary tool of Element VI, our carbon assessment analyzes all or part of a client’s business to identify the very different sets of challenges – and in some cases opportunities – posed by climate change impacts and U.S. and global policy responses.

  • Solution Design

    We design solutions to carbon policy problems; indeed, we met while debating the framework for a workable U.S. carbon tax. We look forward to similar challenges, such as designing the legal, regulatory and market structures for carbon capture and storage, or legislation for a national “clean energy standard”. On a smaller scale, we also mediate climate related disputes between the private sector and environmental interests.


What We Think

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